Based on our long-standing experience and extensive business network, we offer customised services for all project sizes, no matter what type of vessel or offshore installation. Small or large, with just a few people or sizable crews on board we can handle any offshore catering operation brief, making use of our broad knowledge in planning and preparation. To make each project a success, we build teams of trained, skilled, and qualified catering professionals focusing on providing exceptional service solutions. For the Brazilian region, we operate our own local logistics platform for supplying platforms, rigs or vessels. For this, we have a 1,500m2 base in Macaé for warehousing, supply chain and container management, human resources, and HSEQ management. We can hence give you total peace of mind about both keeping your crew’s life on board comfortable and meeting all your requirements. Just ask us, and we will provide a solution.


On board of your vessels, rigs or platforms, our own catering staff provides the finest meals: tasteful, nutritious, healthy, and safe. And with an often mixed international crew on board, it is obvious that the menus include foods for all pallets and regional preferences. Our international chefs bring to your table all the skills and knowledge to suit diverse national, cultural, and religious food traditions.

Housekeeping and cleaning

Good food and beverages are two things that make life at sea comfortable. Our dedicated staff will ensure that working and living quarters are kept neat and clean. We also take care of laundry, such as towels, linen, and work or personal clothes.

Reception services

Alongside cooking and cleaning, we also offer reception services. Upon request, we also take care of receiving crews and arranging crew transfers, by providing incoming crews with a warm welcome on board.